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Re: Inline VALOF

We have a fundamental problem in having a large number of things to express and insisting on being limited to a monochrome, latin alphabet.

I guess this is partly because we use text editors and simple keyboards. I've not been at all impressed by the productivity of graphics input systems (drag and drop is so slow compared to touching a key or two).

I wonder if there is some intermediate, maybe a more flexible display (colour, more symbols) and extended keyboard use - I guess ctrl-... is fairly well used by the OS and Applications for shortcuts but ESC-... might offer some possibilities (it was originally intended to be used this way but got a bit hijacked somewhere - Unix?). Of course we might need extended editors (what happened to folding? - I don't see much mention of it, even though it is available in Emacs, ...).


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David Wood wrote:

>>   delay := (urgent ?? [1, 2]) * weeks

Unfortunately ?? no longer works (presumably because of the extended
rendezvous).  We'd have to call it something else.

That would be:

 delay := (urgent -> [1, 2]) * weeks