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Transputer Development System, 2006? (aka Sony PS/3 runs multi-core Linux)

Team, I thought this was interesting.
Why might we be interested in the release of Sony's PS/3 games console?
Because it contains a multi-core Cell processor - and can run Linux.
Fred and others - I am wondering if it is possible to release a KROC that targets this platform and takes advantage of the multiple processors inside the new Sony console. This would give a true parallel machine to run Occam-Pi. It could be used as a modern 'TDS' with several cores to run on.
Nine cores is very tempting - and rather cheap. I understand the YD Linux distribution doesn't fully use all cores, but perhaps an Occam-Pi build could? If we can piggy back on the interest in Linux, perhaps we might get more interest in the process-oriented-design philosophy we’ve discussed on this group.
Some links below.
*** Terra Soft announcement about YD Linux for PlayStation 3:
*** Linux download for new PS/3:
*** The multi-core Cell processor in the PS/3:
Interesting? -- Andrew
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