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RE: TechEd 2006 -- "parallelism is the new OO"


P.H.Welch wrote:
> Recently, I've finally added protection against "spurious wakeups",
> although I've never ever ever ever seen one!  This is in the (not yet
> released) "core" JCSP 1.0-rc6 - which will be merged with Quickstone's
> JCSP Network Edition (www.jcsp.org).

For those interested, for a recent project I worked on JCSP using the J# edition
on .net v2 (2005) and found basically no performance issues.

I also got some way to creating a native C#.NET edition. The difference is that
Java's threads API donesn't quite match the native .NET API, so the C# edition
should be easier for the .NET VM to implement. However, there are a number of
code changes required for it to compile, let alone work!

I'm keen that the useful parts of this work are folded into the core.