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Why does old check work better?


Has anyone got source code or detailed information about check 1.5 and
check 3.0? Since I was unable to find a "new" B008, I borrowed a CSA
PART.4 board from Mike Patrick, and my version of check, namely

check  --  version 3.0 of 28 Feb 1991.

can't see it. On the other hand, running Mike's "check /?" followed by
"check|mtest" gives

check  --  version 1.5 of 8 Sep 1989.

Usage:  check [/option...]
Valid options are:
     /R        :  reset the root transputer subsystem
     /C        :  reset all C004s found
     /H        :  display this help page
     /L <name> :  use the named link
     The TRANSPUTER environment variable will be used if no /L switch is
     Otherwise a null string is used.
check 1.5 | mtest 3.0
   # Part rate Mb Bt [  Link0  Link1  Link2  Link3 ] RAM,cycle
   0 T800c-20 0.26 0 [   HOST    ...    ...    ... ] 4K,1+2048K,4;

Note that is the old check and the new mtest. I'm using the standard
configuration on the PART.4 which according to the documentation (February
15, 1988) has no interrupt, DMA at DMA 1, and address at 150 hex.

Larry Dickson