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Re: MS HPC: You heard it first at WOTUG

> I'm sorry I caused so much offence by suggesting camping; there are some
very good Physics conferences which run that way.

Am I missing something? Mine was the only response which mentioned your
camping suggestion, at least according to the mailings that came to me via
occam-com. I also responded today to Neil's language discussions, and
never saw my note... Are these mailing lists as hit-and-miss as that?

And I certainly did not intend to imply I was offended. Being moneyless or
out of work is not a crime (otherwise I am a criminal) - and if Kepler had
had to camp out to correct scientific nonsense, I'd bring him a cartload
of firewood. We just need to be clear about what has happened to us; total
defeat is a real possibility.

Larry Dickson

> To help you all feel more mainstream, you might have seen the top
> in "The Register" on Friday:
>   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/06/09/microsoft_hpc_launch/
> You will be glad to know that Simon Cox phoned me that afternoon to
> me that the "lot of the basic work" they mention was first published at
>   Cox, S. J., Nicole, D. A. and Takeda, K. (1998)
>   "Commodity High Performance Computing at Commodity Prices".
> Cheers,
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