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RE: CSP/Occam Demo Cases


I am not sure if this qualifies for your survey.

We (Eonic Systems) developed the Virtuoso (distributed) RTOS. We called it a
pragmatic superset of CSP. The semantics were CSP like (Virtual Single
Processor programming model) but the services came as semaphores, queues,
mailboxes, channels, resources, etc. as one find witn traditional RTOS. It
was used from HC11 (telephone), ADSL modems (ARM) etc. but mainly in
parallel DSP systems with C40, SHARC, etc. Customers were ESA, telecom,
defense and industrial. This was also the first preemptive RTOS on the
transputer in 1991. The biggest system had 1600 SHARC DSPs (sonar) and an
even bigger and heterogenous (56K, C40, HC16) had up to 10000 nodes and was
used for oil exploiration. The technology was acquired by Wind River Systems
in 2001.
FYI. We have now developed a new one called OpenComRTOS using formal
modeling. While layered, the lowest level is preemptive and features task
management and send-receive Packets through Ports (a bit like channels but
with waiting lists). The SP versie fist in 850 bytes. The MP version fits in
less than 2K.

I should also point you out to 3L who developed Parallel C based on CSP
concepts and Handel-C, now used to program FPGAs.

Success with the survey,



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I am currently preparing a presentation about the Grid-Occam project
(www.grid-occam.org), and thought it would be cool to have a few "success
stories" where CSP or - even better - occam was used in the real world.
Something like: Look! The software for Ariane 5 was developed using this!!!
And BMW used it for XXX !!!!! ... Well, you get the idea :-)
I have looked through the mailing list archives, but couldn't find anything.
Are you aware of any projects I could mention?
Kind Regards,
Kai Koehne
Universität Potsdam