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RE: CSP Benefits Wrap-up



I would encourage you to do one or both of:

 - bring your presentation to the CPA conference in September, which obviously gives you the chance to talk to other CSP-ers and find out the latest news;


 - let us include (a version of) your presentation on our website – www.wotug.org – for others to share.


Either way, well done for spreading the news further in such a positive way J


Best regards,



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You may remember that last November I wrote to this list asking for information for a paper I was writing for the Society of Automotive Engineers about the real world benefits of using a CSP based language.

I gave the presentation last week and it was received very well. I have even received a couple of requests to give the presentation again. So, I would like to thank all of those who responded, both on-list and off, for your help. The information you provided certainly improved my understanding and my paper substantially.