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RE: JCSP Advice anyone?


> Well looking at the code You sent it looks like a perfect application of
> Call-Channels (Look in the JavaDoc for the class
> jcsp.lang.One2OneCallChannel
> there is very good explanation given, iirc).

I did think of Call channels, and had a good look at the docs on them, but I
found the way they're implemented in JCSP a bit hard to understand, and
being new to JCSP I decided to go with the simplest approach first.

> Internally they work with two channel transactions but, for
> synchronisation, and data is passed directly.
> The server process provides designated methods. When a call arrives the
> server process acknowledges this and is put to sleep while these methods
> are called in the context of the client process. The server process
> resumes after the method call is completed.
> The downside is that to use a call-channel one has to extend the call
> channel
> class first to provide the methods You need. Apart from this necessary
> extra
> work they are great. It is even possible to deliver exceptions from the
> server to the client. Furthermore, the process placing the call does this
> by
> simply placing a function call, not knowing about the ongoing channel
> transactions at all.

I may well have another look at them. Have you any suggestions on further
reading or good examples of use?