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AW: amsterdam compiler kit

I'm currently constructing an Occam 2 Java Compiler from scratch (http://www.grid-occam.org, available version is horribly out of date), and would therefore be very interested in any information about the whole topic Occam/Java, too :-) So please drop me a line if you decide to investigate that further.
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Von: owner-occam-com@xxxxxxxxxx im Auftrag von Allan McInnes
Gesendet: Fr 28.10.2005 00:39
An: Fred Barnes
Cc: occam-com@xxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: amsterdam compiler kit

Quoting Fred Barnes <F.R.M.Barnes@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> [Original question about ACK elided]
> Had a look at this the other day.  If I was looking at the right version
> (in the CVS tree), most of the compiler occam lang/lib files are 8, 11 or
> 15 years old and all the examples are occam1.  So it's a bit out of date,
> really ;).  Don't know whether it could be leveraged to occam2, 2.1, 2.5 or
> 3.141..  probably a lot of work..

Thanks Fred! I guess my next question is: what's the likelihood that NOCC will
support multiple platforms? Aside from non-x86 processors (please, please
PowerPC), I'm thinking of capabilities like being able to emit JVM-compatible
byte-code. Would this be (relatively speaking) straightforward to implement
with the current NOCC architecture, or are there x86-specific assumptions being
built into the compiler?

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