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Re: amsterdam compiler kit

Hi Allan (and all),

> Thanks Fred! I guess my next question is: what's the likelihood that NOCC=
>  will
> support multiple platforms? Aside from non-x86 processors (please, please
> PowerPC), I'm thinking of capabilities like being able to emit JVM-compat=
> ible
> byte-code. Would this be (relatively speaking) straightforward to impleme=
> nt
> with the current NOCC architecture, or are there x86-specific assumptions=
>  being
> built into the compiler?

Nope, NOCC is largely platform independant :).  At the moment it generates
textual ETC code (easier for debugging, binary later) -- so it will still
go through the usual tranx86 translator and use the existing run-time.

As for PowerPC, I've been working on that a bit just lately.  Have a login
on an IBM OpenPower 720 which I'm trying to put to good use :).  Tranx86
(which is now horribly mis-named), generates IA32 code best, MIPS second,
and some Sparc and PPC -- the Sparc port will run hello-world; the PPC port
is still blowing up (with a range-error, though, rather than a segfault).

 From KRoC 1.4.0-pre2, you can "./build --svn-update", svn-ize the source
tree and pull the latest code from the repository (though this user can't
commit changes!);  PowerPC updates will fall out in these, amongst others.


-- Fred

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