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RE: OO vs. CSP - Papers, Arguments?

> All isues regarding "data encapsulation in objects vs. CSP" is no issue.
> Practical implementations of CSP (such as JCSP) don't provide any safer
> ancapsulation than plain OO - since JCSP works on references to objects,
> any abuse is possible and I do whatever I want by using iheritance in
> "creative" way.

It is recognised that such problems cannot be prevented in JCSP and
C++CSP.  However, occam is a practical implementation of CSP that does
provide safe encapsulation.
> CSP is not a silver bullet either. It scales up poorly. Try to implement
> system with 400 channels (I did) and debug such system. "Spagetti
> channels" is no fun, and maintaining large systems based on CSP is
> pretty hard.

CSP scales up well if you can use the compositionality nicely.  However
how well you can do that depends on the design of your system.  No
system is a silver bullet, but that does not stop some being better
than others at given areas.