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RE: CELL processors again...

Quoting Eric Verhulst OLS <eric.verhulst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Yeah, an the best one is 'about us' : coming soon and the menu for being
> added to the waiting list.
> Where have I seen this before? i860, T9000, TigerSharc, ...
> At least on paper, it looks promising,

Please note that cellsupercomputer.com does not appear to be the website of the
actual Cell chip manufacturers, but rather a site for some small company that
intends to make use of the Cell chips when they are actually produced. I
wouldn't judge the prospects of the Cell based on cellsupercomputer.com alone.

The Cell processor itself is being developed by Sony, Toshiba, and IBM - not
exactly fly-by-night companies. Sony apparently plans to introduce the Cell in
their Playstation 3 game console. That doesn't *guarantee* that it will come to
fruition, but does make it much more likely.

Allan McInnes <amcinnes@xxxxxxxxxx>
PhD Candidate
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Utah State University