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RE: Missing characters in CPA-2003 paper


It is really a pity that these font problems arose. 

Note that the starting page of your paper is 97 and not 101, so that needs
to be updated too, in order not to confuse readers.

Furthermore, the links to the updated versions seem to be wrong. I checked
L'boro's webpages, and it appeared that it is www-staff.... in stead of
www.staff... as you typed in; so that is the typo. I changed this already in
the text you wrote below here.

As a little comfort, also the paper of Bojan Orlic had some errors in the
book, but we repaired it for the CD.



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Subject: Missing characters in CPA-2003 paper

For those of you at CPA-2003: I have just looked at the hard copy of my 
paper and see that something went wrong on the last two lines of page 101 
and in equation (5) on page 105. There are missing characters: a font 
problem, I suspect. Unfortunately the cdrom file has just the same problem.

I have put the correct files at

http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~coael/download/overho.ps.gz  (gzipped


As requested by some of you, I have also put the slides that I used to 
present the paper there at


Ruth, feel free to take copies of these papers and put them on the wotug 
website. Or just link as you think fit.

I haven't checked that the downloads are ok: I am at home with a low 
bandwidth connection. Please let me know if I have got a typo in a link or 
of any other problems. There are links on my publications page at 
http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~coael/publications.html which warn of the 
size of these downloads :-)

Adrian Lawrence