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Polling sockets - home-made ALT

bmc wrote:

I find that windoze seems to reschedule in 200ms intervals - too long! I do (pseudo-code):

   while( x.available() == none ) { Thread.sleep( N ); }

where N is a small integer (ms in Java)  (1 if I'm really needing performance). It, obviously takes some processor time - but responds MUCH more quickly than a blocking call (on windoze, at least).

This would also give you a repeatecd wake-up to check a flag by way of interrupt.

This works very well:

while( x.available() == none && running ) { Thread.sleep( N ); } if (running)
   { x.read(); }

The value of N seems not very sensitive on Windoze (my 2.4GHz pc), even with N=1 it seems not to hammer the CPU even the slightest. Now I'll try it on my Solaris box and check that N=1 is still OK.

Thanks Barry and all.
Rick :-)

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