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Re: Paper database improved again :-)


Your hard work is much appreciated, and I don't want to add to your 
burdens, but...

Some CPA material is now difficult, or almost impossible, to get at. In 
particular, there's ...
  - OUG/WoTUG Newsletters (including the fair ALT debate, and much else)
  - OUG Tech Meetings prior to OUG-8
    (OUG-7 was a classic, and now unobtainable, except via certain 
people's bookshelves)
  - Transputer Communications.

Wiley might still have electronic copy of TC, and be willing to 
relinquish copyright.
Some of OUG-7 (eg Geraint's material) is available on personal websites. 
CGI-IMAG, who published OUG proceedings before IOS, don't seem to exist 

Maybe others have suggestions on how more material can be recovered with 
minimal effort.

All the best

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