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Paper database improved again :-)


I'm glad to say I've now got around to:

 a) writing up the cpa2002 conference bibliography and getting it online

 b) getting the paper database "file" storage working.

The result is that you can now see papers from cpa2002, and some previous 
ones, on the website (look under Documents). Comments on usability, etc, 
always gratefully received.

If any of you have sent me papers in the past, and they are not online now, 
please let me know and I'll try sort it out.

If any of you now want papers that were published in a WoTUG or CPA conference
proceeding to be put on the site, please let me know also. You MUST be able to
confirm that I have permission to do so (in general, Authors of these papers
still have copyright, but you must be sure). [For CPA2002 we have implicit
permission, because that was the "deal" for that conference. For earlier
conferences, we must ask permission from the copyright holder of each paper.]

One last thing: PostScript or PDF is preferred (or both), but you should:

 1) make sure that the PDF tool (ps2pdf or Acrobat) has got the right page 
size -- using Letter for the PDF is no good if the page is A4!

 2) Ensure that outline fonts are embedded in the PostScript. Users of TeX 
have the most trouble here, as MF likes embedding bitmaps. Papers viewed 
onscreen normally look awful if bitmap fonts have been used.



Ruth Ivimey-Cook
Software engineer and technical writer.