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RE: Kristen Nygard - RIP

> Kristen Nygård - Requiescat In Pace
> Kristen Nygard died suddenly the night before Saturday (10.Aug.2002).
> He invented Object Oriented programming with Ole-Johan Dahl in the sixties,
> and they received the Turing Award for it this year. He also has been given
> main credit for the no-vote to the EU referendum in Nowray in 1994. He was
> one of my heroes!
> http://www.ifi.uio.no/aktuelt/arkiv/2002/02/award.html - Turing Award
> I haven't found an English-speaking url on his death yet. Please send me
> good ones.

There was quite a long, pretty detailed and technically correct
article in New York Times few days ago.

Link is


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