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Paper database improved and online


I have spent many hours recently creating a database of paper titles and
abstracts for the WoTUG website, and it's now mostly ready for public
consumption :-)  I say mostly because there might be errors, and there are
definitely omissions...

The database is accessed from:


and is linked from the sidebar Practice/Documents -> Practice/PaperDB

However, I would appreciate feedback, preferably positive, on the project, and
if anyone can help me by entering the abstracts for the conferences that don't
as yet have them I would be most grateful. I have now entered abstract entries
for the abstracts I have paper copies of (and also checked the rest of the 
entries for those papers which were, in some cases, incorrect).

The database was designed to include files of the papers as well, for example
PDFs and also HTML links to webpages for each paper. If any of you can submit
files or links to papers mentioned, I would be grateful. I note that the few
papers on the website already have consistently been some of the most
downloaded pages of the whole site.

Thank you for your time.


Ruth Ivimey-Cook
Software engineer and technical writer.