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Job at ARM?


It's not specifically a CSP post, but this might be of interest to some of 

Research Engineer, Cambridge
Reference: 02MKRD003

The Research and Development Division are seeking a highly motivated 
individual who has research experience and who's interests lie in the fields 
of computer languages, microprocessor architecture, and/or microprocessor 
simulation. The successful candidate will be involved in a team developing 
next generation microprocessor architectures. As well as architecture 
development, this role will involve developing, implementing, and integrating 
a range of sophisticated tools to assist in the analysis of micro processor 
architectures and implementations. The successful candidate will be working in 
an environment which allows experimentation and provides autonomy, but expects 
innovation and results; hence the candidate will be of a very high caliber. 
This post would suit a PhD graduate or someone with a background working in 
research in Industry.

More info at:



Ruth Ivimey-Cook
Software engineer and technical writer.