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RE: New Book list on the web site

As I retained the copyright, I suppose I could PDF the tutorial book that I wrote back in 1990 to go with the CSA transputer kit. The same book was in the process of being rewritten for Atari before they dropped their transputer work.

I still have the sources in my safe - they are in Ventura Publisher, so I will probably have to dig out a 5.25" disk drive in order to reinstall a program that can read them (unless one of my more recent DTP products will read them).

If anyone remembers my book and thinks it is useful, let me know. There is no point me doing it if it is of little or no use.

Best regards

Tony Gore

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> Folks,
> I have added a list of related books, garnered from a trawl 
> of book databases and papers, to the web site, in the 
> Documents section. I would be grateful if additional 
> recommendations, review comments or other requests were 
> reported to me soon so I can avoid distributing bad info.
> Thanks
> Ruth

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