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JCSP Network Edition

Thanks for the background filler Peter, I was intending to make a follow up
announcement in a day or two, but I may as well do this now:

Apologies to those who visited our web-site (www.quickstone.com) using
Netscape 4.x.  You spotted our deliberate mistake.  It should work OK now.
The web site will expand in content (presentations, tutorials, papers, etc.)
over the next few weeks - do check back!

We are trying to stay away from calling our product JCSP.net - hence `JCSP
Network Edition' descibes our product - a component of which is the JCSP.net
libraries (the other things being documentation, support options and so on).
This seems like a sensible way of avoiding confusion (but has apparently
already failed :)

Due to popular demand we will back-port JCSP Network Edition to Java 1.1.
We should be able to provide a J++/J# (Microsoft's Java IDE and their .NET
Java porting toolkit respectively) version very shortly derived from this.

We are also going to produce a native C# version for .NET.  We aim to make
the Java and C#/.NET versions interoperate too (presumably using SOAP).

Lastly we are currently recruting for two positions.  The work is based in
Central London, we would prefer CS graduates with some CSP-type exposure,
but these are not essential.

Both sales and job enquiries should be sent to mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jim Moores
Dr James Moores, Director, Quickstone Technologies Limited, UK.
web: www.quickstone.com Phone: +44 8700 101984 Fax: +44 8700 557821