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Re: Priority modeling with CSP?

All -

Thanks for all the comments!  That was very refreshing - after three weeks of
the new term...

I think I was looking for something along the line of Gerald's response. I had
reading recently of (non-CSP) attempts to solve the priority inversion problem
in real-time
systems - e.g., via the priority ceiling protocol.

It struct me that CSP might be useful for proving the correctness of such
protocols - since
we are dealing with interacting processes (including the scheduler). Priority
might simply
be represented by a parameter associated with each process - which the scheduler
then deal with explicitly. Thus the CSP itself does not need any inherent notion
of priority.

(I had just finished Ryan & Schneider's book on the use of CSP to check security
protocols -
which seem far more complex than the priority problem...)

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