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Re: Priority modeling with CSP?


>CSP does not include priority itself, but has it been used to model
>schemes for handling priority inversion, priority inheritance, etc.???
It depends what you mean by priority. I think Hoare's definition of 
interruption implies a notion of priority (#5.4, as I remember, in his 
CSP book).

One thought that helps me, is that any concern over priority tends to 
disappear given enough processors, and CSP is intended to be hardware 
(implementation) independent, for good reasons. Of course, that doesn't 
help in practice. I can no more imagine programming any reactive system 
without priority than I can doing my job properly without it. (I should 
be marking...)

As I understand it, no-one is clear about what inheritance of a process 
means, still less priority. Recommend Twan Basten's paper on object 
inheritance (available online, apologies for lacking the reference here 
and now).

Hope your call is provocative...


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