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Re: Objects, processes, and encapsulation

Ian, Marcel, and all,

I heartily agree with Ian. ALL the "fads" have the
characteristic that they bloat almost instantly. Try,
for instance, for a complete definition of Java - how
many thousands of pages? 

Only CSP/occam offers the capability of doing everything
(multitasking and multiprocessing) using definitions
that are finite and understandable. I still carry around
my old occam 2 reference manual, plus my Transputer 
instruction set (which when used in reverse allows 
extension to all processors). Taken together they are
less than 300 pages.

Larry Dickson

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I reserve judgement.

Truth is (and this is a major problem) while in uni, we don't get enough 
hard experience, but while in industry, we get stuck with given tools and 
methods, and don't get enough chance to work out how something should be 
done. UML has arrived (in earnest) after my last time in industry, which 
saw homage to OOP but little real application.

I think we need to start again from the beginning, and that means with 
CSP. Our problem now is the lack of adequate application. I see this time 
as one for regrouping and coming back with new and better tools. It's a 
good sign that so many CPA papers got stuck into that. To fiddle with 
current fads like Java, UML, etc, I believe is a serious mistake. We'll 
simply drown that way. It's too easy to lose the benefits, like security, 
and simple abstraction.

If necessary we should be prepared to go all the way into application 
ourselves to prove the point (again).


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