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Adrian wrote:
> Everyone.  Please, please no hacking. If this is to be any sort of
> general mechanism, please formulate it precisely and simply in CSP or
> CSPP or whatever. And discover its properties. Otherwise we are
> grovelling in the mire with most other languages with nothing to hang on
> to. And disaster will follow.

In one of the first mails on this topic, I asked Peter about the existence
of a KILLPAR.  I would prefer to call it TPAR "Terminating PAR" from now on.

General idea:

   X TPAR Y  behaves as X in all normal situations.
   X TPAR Y  starts behaving like Y as soon as X received some kind of POISON.

Use cases are:
    ((c1?x ;c1?y) TPAR (X)); Y || c1!POISON
  == { POISON reduces the left process to a TPAR to its right process }
    X; Y
    ((c1?x ;c1?y) TPAR (X)); Y || (c1!a; c1!b)
  == { e TPAR X -> e }
    e; Y

What do you think?