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I'm interested in the OUG-10 article on Graceful Termination.
I do not have the OUG-10 proceedings.
Can someone send me the article in a printable format?

%A P. H. Welch
%T Graceful termination -- graceful resetting
%B Applying Transputer Based Parallel Machines OUG-10
%E A. Bakkers
%D 1989
%P 310--317
%I ISO Press
%C Amsterdam

If this is impossible, could someone publish the essentials
of graceful termination.

I would expect something like: Poison can be sent via any channel.
To make a process gracefully terminate, one sends poison down a channel.
On reception of poison via an input channel, the process automatically
distributes Poison to all output channels.  One waits until poison
has been received on all input channels, and exits "gracefully".

Probably the crucial ingredients of true poiseness are still missing in
this description.