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Re: Brinch Hansen's frustration

>From "Applied operating system concepts",
Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, first ed. 2000, page 219:

".. However, Java does not support named condition variables.
With (proper) monitors, the wait and signal operations can be
applied to named condition variables, allowing a thread to wait
for a specific condition or to be notified when a specific
condition has been met. Each Java monitor has just one unnamed
condition variable associated with it. .. When a Java thread
is awakened via notify() or notifyAll() it has no information
about why it was awakened. It is up to the reactivated thread
to check for itself whether the condition for which it was
waiting has been met." (I inserted "(proper)")

I guess we all knew this, but it's nice to read it in printing.

Also, by looking into Brinch Hansen's original book (Operating
System Principles, 1973) it seems to me that, no, the "await"
call enclosed in a "while cond" will not cause "erronoeus"


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