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Alastair wrote:
> IMHO there is a desperate need for software for driving multi-SHARC
> systems.  At Aberdeen, we have tried using SHARCs on a couple of
> projects, and have found the C-based inter-processor communications
> tools/libraries almost unusably complex and/or poorly documented.  We
> also don't want to buy an (expensive) OS for our SHARCs.  I 
> (and I think
> a number of other people) would be very interested in occam 
> on SHARCs. 

We've got an OS targeted at our embedded multi-processor StrongARM system
using the CSP approach (channels) in communication. We have installed this
OS on both our own hardware and Quantel's similar platform. Quantel has
ported their own application written for the transputer (previously using
3L's library and C) with minimal modifications. 

We'll be happy to send you a copy of our OS under the GNU licence.  We're
not sure how helpful this may be, but it should be a good starting point for
your project. Most of the OS is written in C, and minimal assembly language
to run on a bare machine.

Seasonal greetings,


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