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RE: New language syntax

Brian wrote:

> ... Compared to the Borland C and the EMAC C the
> folding editors that I have tried do not support highlighting of keywords.
> Most people consider highlighting to be more important then folding.

On Tom's Ripple web page (http://www.cs.ukc.ac.uk/people/rpg/tsl2/ripple/):

> One of the biggest mysteries in the world of software development tools, is
> the absence of folding text editors. Once you've discovered the benefits of
> folding, you'll find it more useful than syntax colouring, class browsers and
> code-completion put together!

I fear Brian is right in what most people "consider".  But I'm sure Tom is
right about how you feel once you've really "discovered" folding ... ;-)

Oh well, still 3 more shoping days to go ...

In haste,