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RE: New language syntax

Is the SHARC still going strong? I remember we looked at
it (and noted its links) several years ago.

This would be a perfect testbed for the "occam world". 
One would need to develop:

(a) transputer operation primitives - probably pretty

(b) occam compiler for SHARC and other "TRAM" tools;

(c) consistent link treatment in host system occam
compiler, so host+SHARCs can function together in occam;

(d) a minimum OS if necessary to do kernel/driver/Ring 0
code on the host (this will then make it easy to branch
out from the SHARC to other connections.)

Larry Dickson

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You have SHARCs with 6 links...
You have SharcPacs that can be considered as TRAMs !

The whole problem is that no firmware on the SHARC provides the CSP building

Philippe LEMAIRE

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> Points on getting it accepted (based on my experience)
> (6) The only way to sell it is to develop it and do 
> things with it - easily - because otherwise nobody will
> believe we can do things with it easily.
> Larry Dickson