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Re: (now completed) Slides from my talk at CPA2000

"Campbell, John" wrote:

> I'm supposing that when you move the channel object (as opposed
> to a conventional OO object) out of its original context, the
> original context cannot communicate with it.  That's what I meant
> by "sever its connections". Is there a way to limit access to
> a sent object such that you don't get aliasing, but it can
> still interact with its original environment?

Is it helpful to point out that sending a channel down a channel might
mean something different from sending another object down a channel. A
channel is an extended object with two ends forming relationships between
other objects. So in effect you send an *endpoint* along a channel, not a
whole channel itself.

Maybe this distinction is too subtle to be important, but I think I found
it easier to think about it that way.

> Hope everyone finds this discussion as stimulating as I do. -jc

Yep. keep it rolling!

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