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RE: (now completed) Slides from my talk at CPA2000

Tom and Others

> >The problem is that it's not much of an object if you have to sever
> >its existing channel connections before sending it.
> Could you elaborate on this?

What I'm struggling to understand is how you avoid the problems
attendant to aliasing if you transport an object with open
connections.  It seems to me that even if you manage to avoid
aliasing of the *object* you're going to get it on the open

I'm supposing that when you move the channel object (as opposed
to a conventional OO object) out of its original context, the
original context cannot communicate with it.  That's what I meant
by "sever its connections". Is there a way to limit access to
a sent object such that you don't get aliasing, but it can
still interact with its original environment?

Hope everyone finds this discussion as stimulating as I do. -jc