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Micro$lime at work?

I was amused by this message after clicking on a Nature article:-

Error details (for internal use): 

                   File: /cgi-taf/unique_session_id.taf
                   Position: Insert1 
                   Class: DBMS 
                   Main Error Number: 1205 

                   [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Your
server command
                   (process id 50) was deadlocked with another process
and has been
                   chosen as deadlock victim. Re-run your command 
                   40001 Position: Insert1 
                   Class: Internal 
                   Main Error Number: -101 

                   General error during data source operation. 

At least it detected the error. If we can believe it.

Sorry. Not a serious point. Just couldn't resist it :-)

Dr A E Lawrence