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Re: A path for CSP-based

Hi all,

Larry wrote:
> The key point I was trying to make was not "enemy action" stuff, but
> information problems due to conflicting definitions.
> >A while back, Larry wrote:
> >> I know we have to fight against the fact that "component" has already
> >                    ^^^^^!!!!
> >I would advice NOT to FIGHT, but to EXPLOIT.  These people are heading
> >in the right direction, and we should PULL them further towards CSP
> >heaven.

I did not mean to point my finger specifically at Larry.
I wanted to make a general point.

I think:
   - OO is a religion.
   - It looks to me like CSP can easily become a religion for
     some people.

Giving people the feeling that you think CSP is a religion
will work strongly against you.

Therefore: If you love CSP, and want to make it rule the world
  - Beware to stay realistic: also CSP has weaker points.
  - Beware not to be too emotional...