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Re: Blackhole mailing list issues

In message <E13lvax-0006jx-00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> "P.H.Welch" <P.H.Welch@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Adrian,
> > Is this closed access? ...
> Right now, that archive page is public.  I did ask everyone before I set it
> up if anyone might be embarassed!

I had forgotten. And it is only java-threads which has a wider audience anyway?
I, at least, tend to make more assumptions about the background and shared sense 
of humour on occam-com. But sometimes forget when copying to java-threads as
Trouble with passwords and such is that it puts a bigger burdon on whoever 
administers the archive. I guess keywords in our postings might help, but the
really important contributions sometimes only emerge in the light of later 
discussion. Peter has enough to do already, so we must avoid extra work if at
all possible. 

But this must be common problem: with an open source solution out there already?
Maybe this is eGroups again...