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Re: Blackhole mailing list issues

"P.H.Welch" wrote:

> Right now, that archive page is public.  I did ask everyone before I set it
> up if anyone might be embarassed!
> Anyway, that archive has not been updated since Oct-99.  I'm happy to adopt
> a closed archive (if one ever gets automated) if someone tells me how to close
> it (individual passawords?).  But we surely need a public prescence - maybe
> "edited highlights from ..." with authors' approval sought first?

I can't help thinking this is a somewhat nugatory question. There are many
archives of mailing lists around the world. When I look at one, I am always aware
that the authors were thinking aloud, and therefore the material is less
substantive than, say, a published paper. I don't have a problem with my
contributed thoughts being public. After all, I don't actually know who is reading
the list and what they might independently do with the information. If I had a
problem with that, I'd keep mum.

So my preference is for a quite open forum and caveat emptor (please supply more
suitable latin noun) applies to anyone who reads the web archive. ...were it to be
up to date, of course.

Sorry to hark back to eGroups.com, but their system allows lists to be configured
to various levels of public viewability or password restriction. If we want
password restriction, they (or some similar portal company) would get us up to
speed more quickly than a home-brew approach.

We might compare ourselves to what others do, e.g. W3C. They have public, member
and team lists. See http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/ for their public lists
archives. This, of course, is a good example of an in-house archive solution,
rather than depending on eGroups or whoever.


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