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Re: A path for CSP-based Solutions towards HUGE Industrial Success.

Peter wrote:
> BTW Marcel: I agree with you that CSP provides (possibly) its biggest win
> in the area of concurrency within a single processor.  When I said "transputer
> and associated hardware/software technologies", I did not mean to imply
> physically parallel computing - the transputer is an idea, not a chip!

Nice to hear that you agree that

	Concurrency on Single Processor Machines

is on of CSP's potential wins.
(Just stressing it again...)

> Mind you, CSP will provide some really big wins for hardware design and for
> hardware/software co-design.
This is indeed potential gain number two.  People are already exploiting it.

> And the *lightness* (e.g. 100 nano-second context switch) with which the
> CSP primitives can be managed also offers big wins for distributed computing
> (e.g. scalable servers) ...
Maybe... I would not bet my money on this one...