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RE: A path for CSP-based Solutions towards HUGE Industrial Succes s.

Barry, ...

> Marcel, ...
> >...
> > - However, they start showing up when the application is 
> roughly over
> >   600.000 lines of code, and multiple releases of the 
> product are made:
> >   changing existing code becomes intrinsicly difficult.
> >   My guess is that there is a practical upper-limit of 
> about 1M lines of
> >   code, at which point people realize that they had better 
> start from
> >   scratch...
> >...
> > - The proper solution is CSP-based.
> Just trying to get a feel for what sort of work we need to do 
> before we can
> make a convincing case ...
> While many people believe the above, do we have any evidence 
> - i.e. examples of
> 1M+LOC applications done with CSP? I'd guess that some of the 
> Transputer
> applications were large but I don't remember figures much 
> bigger than 10's
> of K LOC.
You may be interested in the Quantel CLIPBOX video server which I believe is
an example of a CSP based system.
We have been working with Quantel to convert their C++ transputer code to a
StrongARM system. The total length of the code is approx. 600,000 lines and
it operates very reliably on their TV studio equipment.  They have clocked
up many hours of live broadcasting  with their equipment. The aim of the
conversion is to use the same high level C code and replace the transputer
micro code with an equivalent OS kernel. This conversion has been very
successful and should be in production by the end of the year.


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