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Re: A path for CSP-based Solutions towards HUGE Industrial Succes s.


> More details on your Transputer-equivalent OS kernel? 
> It sounds like what I was talking about.

My work at Keele, from 1995:

"A Fast C Kernel for Portable occam Compilers", B M Cook
in 'Transputer and occam Developements', Ed: P Nixon, pp 47-65
IOS Press, Amsterdam, ISBN 90 5199 222 X

Also see the code produced for the SPoC compiler (Southampton University,
UK) and the KRoC compilers (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK).

These work below the native OS, appearing to be single (in some cases,
multiple) thread to the OS - so no native OS overheads, occam process
control is all handled directly and quickly.

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