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Re: CSP, usability, profit, Java, etc.

Hi Roy, Gerald, and the rest,

Roy wrote:
> Marcel's distinctions concerning academics, industrialists, etc. are more 
> precise than I've seen before. There is, of course, a whole tradition of 
> research in the history/sociology of science/technology to look at too, 
> much of it done on your side of the Atlantic.

> I've spent less time in industry and academia than those who regularly 
> reside in one or the other, but have probably spent more time in both 
> than a lot of people, so I'm in a kind of non-person's land (huh?).

- The view I presented is on purpose very black/white.
- Reality is much more nuanced.
- I'm too lazy to read literature on the subject, for the moment, I find my
  view sufficient for my situation.  There are many more fundamental and more
  interesting topics to spent time on.
- Probably every one is in no-person's land...
  Industrial/Community-sponsered Research definitely is no-person's land.

My point is:
  I think many acadamics are in their nature/personality
  different from industrialists.
  As an acadamic, you are probably HAPPIER by focussing
  on your `true' task.
  Realize that TRUE acadamic work is curcial to distribute the
  intrinsically good CSP-based ideas.
  Trying to become an industrialist is ok if you know that you have got
  the capabilities to become one, or if you find a partner to complete
  your personality.

  If, as an acadamic, you find there is too little commercial pressure
  to come up with practical solutions, you could consider to start
  working in Industrial Research...

I think industrialists generally hardly ever tend to become acadamics.  

> I think JCSP presents an opportunity to both solve a number of software 
> development problems and make money in the process (a nice conjunction as 
> noted by Oyvind in his CPA2000 presentation).  Since I don't have the 
> money to put my thesis to the test, I wonder if others have thought about 
> JCSP in such crass/practical/humanitarian terms.

Indeed, I think JCSP/JavaPP is a practically useable implementation of the
CSP-based ideas.  This proves that the people who built it have had
considereble insight in industrial problems.  For the moment, JCSP/JavaPP is
an acadamic exercise, but one of excellent (acadamic) quality...  

The people that build it have realized the strength of their
creation.  Maybe some of them... Gerald... someoneelse...  do also have the
mentality of an industrialist to make it into commercial success...