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Re: Making CSP into a success

> I did say something about the industrial/academia problem in my 
> presentation at CPA 2000:
> http://www.autronica-maritime.com/pub/tech/rd/CPA2000/frame.html
> See "Interesting", "Dull" and "Why not?".
Yes, I loved that presentation.
I think its value was under estimated.
You deserved a conference price, I think...
Realizing the situation in which we are stuck is essential
to realize how to get out of it.

> I think occam is beautiful.
Occam is indeed beautiful, but far from sexy.
Sex and money makes the world go around.

>   According to Marcel I should be ugly. 
I HOPE you mean "It" instead of "I", otherwise, I'm unable
to understand your conclusion.
Occam is ugly, but indeed, it is beautiful if you know
what it is all about...