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Re: Making CSP into a success

Hi every one, and Oyvind, and Stephen in particular,

> Marcel does not mention what industrialists should do! 
> I'm excited to hear!
Ok, I'll complete my view.  Stephen's input has been used.
pre-s. no intention to insult anyone... of course... just trying to
       make my point clear.

I think industrialists can be divided into two groups:

USERs are characterized by:
- They have got a problem.
- They look into the world, including the acadamic world
  for a possible solution.
- They search something that solves their limited-size
- They have got problems in evaluating possible solution
  because there is a constant pressure of time.
- They have got a problem to find the ideas to solve their
- They like to see "real-life" proof of the suitability of
  a solution.
- Most likely, they will find an OPPORTUNITY SEEKING COMPANY
  to provide a kind of standard solution.  This solves all of
  the following fundamental problems.
- They are reluctant to be the first to try a certain
- Their management is rather conservative (they should be)
  their attitude is: we are definitely not the first people
  with such problem; what does my neighbour industrialist do.
- In case of non "generally accepted solutions" (like CSP-based
  solutions), management points at the user, and tell him/her
  to come up with some proper proof that the solution will
  actually work, if, by this time the user still has the
  respect from management its probably not because they like
  the idea, but because he/her dears to stick his/her head out.
- If order for the user to succeed in convincing management,
  he/she needs the convincing, down-to-earth, solution-to-problem
  describing articles, from well-respected academics to support
  the new solution approach.
- If the solution is ever accepted, it will be partially implemented,
  just enough to solve the problem at hand.  To get more than the
  basic concepts accepted/implemented is pure luck.
- I'm in this situation. Yes: I'm frustrated about quite a few
- Oyvind is in this situation, but, I think he is also part of
  management... I think he was lucky to introduce the CSP-based
  concepts at the "prime time" of the Transputer: his management
  was more open to the transputer based idea at that moment.

- [From Stephan]  small number of individuals who are distinctive
  in their personality
- They like to make a lot of money
- They love success
- They look for oppurtunities in their area of expertice, are very
  critical, but also very willing/open towards academics
- Do not like risks: do not want to spend too much money while the
  risks are either unclear, or unacceptably high
- Want convincing written proof concepts of the ideas.
- Want convincing proof of the uniqueness of the ideas.
- Want convincing proof that MONEY can be made by solving
  USERs problems
- Know how to get lot of money
- Have the connections, and personality, to turn ideas into money.
- The really good ones can even make success "out of thin air", by\
  making so much "smoke" that even a few USERs get convinced.
- Are interested in a lot more than thin air.  They know really
  good ideas allows them to make an absolute fortune.
- They want to be the first to make money out of the idea:
  to be the first with a really good idea means opening the
  opportunity to make huge amount of money.
- They perform research to investigate the suitability of the

I think:
- Stephen is a opportunity seeking industrialist.
- 4Links, and the Handle-C company (forgot the name, sorry), are
  companies that are making the transition from acadamics into
  opportunity seeking industrialists.

Stephen being the PR manager of the CSP-community is in every ones
interest, and every one knows that.

- Acadamic research should focus on the fundamental basis, but help:
- Industrial research by opportunity seekers, which in the end will help:
- Users to solve their specific problems in a proper way.

What does EVERY ONE think?

ps. no intention to insult anyone... of course... just trying to
    make my point clear.