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Re: "No aliasing = no garbage collection"

On Sep 22,  1:02pm, M_Boosten wrote:
} Subject: Re: "No aliasing = no garbage collection"
} Hi,
} In my opinion, garbage collection is an efficiency mechanism.
} I think you can proof that without garbage collection you can
} always use at least 50% of the computer's memory.
} Memory for applications that need dynamic memory management
} (typically PCs/workstations) is cheap.
} Conclusion (assuming I remembered correctly that the proof can be done):
}   if you are not bothered with performance, use a garbage collector,
}   and save on memory budget, use virtual memory as well.
}   if you are bothered with performance, buy twice as much memory, and
}   do not use a garbage collector, nor virtual memory.  Simply, use
}   enough memory.
} Anyone agrees?
} 	Marcel
}-- End of excerpt from M_Boosten

Yes, I agree...

The temptation to attach every bell and whistle is a strong one. 
But that problem becomes an opportunity when you remember that
implies that the niche of clean, understandable simplicity is
almost unoccupied.