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Re: Name Change for WoTUG?

"O'Neill, Brian" wrote:

> > A: WoTUG: The Communicating Sequential Process Architecture
> > conference.
> > B: WoTUG: The Communicating Concurrent Processes conference.
> > C: WoTUG: The Distributed Processing conference.
> > D: WoTUG: The Concurrent Systems Engineering conference.
> > E: WoTUG: The Communicating Sequential Process Engineering conference.
> > F: WoTUG: The International Conference on
> >               Communicating Process Architecture.
> > G: WoTUG: The Robust Communicating Programming conference.
> > H: WoTUG: The Communicating Process Architecture conference.
> > I: WoTUG: The Concurrent Process Architecture Group conference.
> My preference is for D,  WoTUG: The Concurrent Systems Engineering.

I'd support that. Perhaps a subtitle can be used to remind people about CSP,

    WoTUG: The Concurrent Systems Engineering
        (Robust Communicating Sequential Process Architectures)

but the title is the important bit and it needs to be sufficiently broad whilst
summarising our interest.
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