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Meiko glitches...


 > 1. Our 8-10 year old Meiko CS 1.5 has begun to turn itself off at
 > apparently random times. Cycling the switch on the power supply 
 > resurrects it - at least for a while. Has anyone else seen (and fixed)
 > this problem???
 > 2. An unrelated (I hope!) matter: by some mechanism we do not 
 > understand, electricity is now being delivered to our house in 
 > rural Utah by Scottish Power. These people are completely unknown
 > here; are they reliable???
 > Thanks -
 > Dyke.

I should think it highly likely that the two things ARE related.  You
are bound to see some effects if you try to run 110V 60Hz equipment
from Scottish 240V 50Hz.  OTOH, the voltage drop across the Atlantic
worries me somewhat - perhaps this is your problem.  It seems a long
way round for your electricity to take. ;-)

Don't know anything about Scottish Power - ours comes from Scottish
Hydro-Electric.  I should get yourself some good ol' fashioned American

Best wishes,



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