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Book announcement

This is forwarded from Steve Schneider ...

The following book was recently published:

Concurrent and Real-time Systems: the CSP approach

Steve Schneider, Royal Holloway, University of London


The CSP approach has been widely used in the specification, analysis and
verification of concurrent and real-time systems, and for understanding the
particular issues that can arise when concurrency is present.  It provides a
language which enables specifications and designs to be clearly expressed and
understood, together with a supporting theory which allows them to be analysed
and shown to be correct.

This book supports advanced level courses on concurrency covering timed and
untimed CSP.  The first half introduces the language of CSP, the primary
semantic models (traces, failures, divergences and infinite traces), and their
use in the modelling, analysis and verification of concurrent systems.  The
second half of the book introduces time into the language, brings in the timed
sematic model (timed failures) and finally presents the theory of timewise
refinement which links the two halves together.

xv + 510 pages.



Part I: The language of CSP				

Chapter 1 Sequential processes				 
Chapter 2 Concurrency					 
Chapter 3 Abstraction and control flow			 

Part II:  Analyzing Processes				 

Chapter 4 Traces					 
Chapter 5 Specification and verification		 
Chapter 6 Stable failures				 
Chapter 7 Specification and verification		 
Chapter 8 Failures, divergences, and infinite traces	 

Part III: Introducing time				 

Chapter 9 The timed language				 
Chapter 10 Timed transition systems			 
Part IV: Timed analysis					 

Chapter 11 Semantics of Timed CSP			 
Chapter 12 Specification and verification		 
Chapter 13 Timewise refinement				 

Appendix A Event-based time				 
Appendix B Model-checking with FDR




Index of Processes