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JCSP 0.94 release

		      CSP for Java : JCSP 0.94

The JCSP 0.94 library is now available for FTP collection as follows:

  % ftp ftp.cs.ukc.ac.uk
  ...  welcome messages
  Name (ftp.cs.ukc.ac.uk:phw): anonymous
  331 Anonymous login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
  ...  more welcome messages
  ftp> cd /pub/phw
  250 CWD command successful.
  ftp> bin
  200 Type set to I.
  ftp> ls -l
  200 PORT command successful.
  150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list.
  -rwxr--r--   1 phw      cur          4677 Oct 14 16:33 BINARY-LICENSE.txt
  -rw-r--r--   1 phw      cur          2174 Oct 14 16:39 README-JCSP-0.94
  -rw-r--r--   1 phw      cur        173457 Oct 14 14:35 jcspclasses.jar
  -rw-r--r--   1 phw      cur        773239 Oct 14 14:35 jcspdemos.jar
  -rw-r--r--   1 phw      cur        811403 Oct 14 14:35 jcspdocs.jar
  -rw-r--r--   1 phw      cur          4660 Oct 14 14:37 phwclasses.jar
  -rw-r--r--   1 phw      cur         20081 Oct 14 14:37 phwdocs.jar

You now need to `get' all these files.  The contents of README-JCSP-0.94
are appended to this posting.  Please read the BINARY-LICENSE.txt file.
Retention of these files is assumed to imply acceptance of the terms
in that license.

Numerous changes have happened for this JCSP 0.94 release:

  o more and better (javadoc)umentation;
  o more demonstration applications and applets;
  o CALL channels;
  o barrier and CREW synchronisation primitives;
  o various pieces of maintenance.

A source release will be made available shortly under either the GPL
or Artistic open source licences.  Please contact me.

I *hope* to freeze this into a JCSP 1.0 release *shortly* and update
the JCSP web pages suitably - at present, these offer only JCSP 0.5.

Peter Welch.


			JCSP 0.94 Manifest

FTP (in binary mode) all the files in this directory:

  jcspclasses.jar    (class library)
  phwclasses.jar     (class library)

  jcspdocs.jar       (javadoc HTML)
  phwdocs.jar        (javadoc HTML)

  jcspdemos.jar      (demonstration programs and applets)

  BINARY-LICENSE.txt (license agreement)

  README-JCSP-0.94   (this file)

You will need JDK1.1.5 (or any later JDK) installed to work
with the JCSP library.

			Installation Notes

Put the files jcspclasses.jar and phwclasses.jar in your CLASSPATH.
You do *not* need to unpack these files.

Unpack the other files with the commands:

  jar xf jcspdocs.jar
  jar xf phwdocs.jar
  jar xf jcspdemos.jar

This will create, respectively, the directories:


Point your web browser at (and, maybe, bookmark):


for the on-line documentation to, respectively, the JCSP library
and the (very small) PHW library.  The latter contains some useful
utilities for robust interactive input of Java primitive data types
and some complex-number classes.  These have nothing to do with CSP
ideas and are not needed to work with JCSP.  However, they are used
for convenience in some of the demonstration applications.

The jcsp-demos directory contains many JCSP demonstration applications
and applets.  The applets can be tried out by pointing your browser at:


Most of the applet demonstrations can also be run as applications.

Please note the warning (on the demo.html page) about the disappointing
performance of animations under JDK/JRE1.2 - and the encouragement
to use JDK/JRE1.1.8 (or anything above 1.1.5).  Note that this warning
only applies to animated graphics applications/applets.  The problem
seems to lie in the 1.2 implementation of java.awt.Graphics.drawImage
(and *not* in JCSP :-) ...

The JCSP documentation contains many example programs (or fragments
of programs).  Complete versions of these can be found in:


Peter Welch.
(14th. October, 1999)