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Re: A CSP model for Java threads

Bryan Scattergood of Formal Systems wrote:

> better under FreeBSD/Linux/Solaris86 than under Windows on the same
> hardware.

99% of the developers here use networked PC's running Win95, Win98
or NT. Installing Linux and rebooting to perform FDR checks isn't
very attractive.

> However, we do have plans for an NT version in the medium-term.

Please inform this group when the version NT arrives :-) 

Couldn't you have some kind of multilevel pricing? 8,500 UKP is
rather stiff for a tool that will, in the foreseable future, be
used by a single person. 

I buy, Jeremy, that FSP and LTSA are toys, if you positively know 
so and you say it. But as far as I can see, LTSA handles quite 
large FSP models.. 

I do hope that FDR will be pressed down in price by tools like
LTSA, even if I absolutely don't want a free tool! But isnt N*8500 
the same as  xN*(8500/x) ??


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