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Re: A CSP model for Java threads

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Oyvind Teig wrote:

> Peter and Jeremy 
> I sit here, in industry, without any FDR or FDR2 and read your very
> interesting letters, pushing state of the art of Java CSP ahead.
> Thanks for sharing these things!
> There is a problem in getting this technology over to industry:
> FDR is too expensive! 
> I want to learn from this as well! I know FSP is virtually free:
> http://www-dse.doc.ic.ac.uk/concurrency/
> o  Could FSP and LTSA have done the job for you, or is it 
>    only a "toy" compared to FDR2?

It is probably a toy compared with FDR but that doesn't mean it
couldn't have done the job.

> If it could, I could have tried your models! Wonder! No kidding,
> FDR pricing is a serious obstacle to this techique and I want to
> ride! FDR doesn't even run on MS-Windows!

I think that the FDR price is very reasonable. It would only need to
save you a couple of man-months work to completely pay for itself. 


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