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Re: WoTUG-22 "occam to Java bytecode working group" ??

Oyvind & others,

> Is it a good idea to set up a group of ample
> people in a working group with the title:

Perhaps that should be "implementation group" - my observation of working
group is that they do more planning than implementing - now planning is
useful but it must not stop there!

> "occam to Java bytecode working group"
> The goal could be to have a runnable translator
> before 2000. Perhaps it could be based on SPoC
> and the CJT / CJSP libraries?
> This could prove how good the components are!

I have no doubts about that.

As it happens, I'm in the process of applying for funding (it goes in the
post today) to support a student over the summer vacation to attempt an
occam to byte-code compiler.  Not based on SPoC though, but on my (written
in Java) occam compiler that currently does occam to hardware (abel, vhdl,
pldshell outputs [I'll probably add EDIF before long], as well as occam2,
occam2.1 and its own version of occam); it has hooks for other output forms
as well (experimentally, C and graphical).  I plan to use one of the
above-mentioned libraries, not sure which yet (item for discussion at
WoTUG22 ?).



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